10 Studies about the best time to post on Social Media

A smart infographic gives some useful tips

The question has been for years at the center of the debate of those involved in Social Media Marketing and now the CoShedule‘s team has tried to find out an answer adding their research to 9 other popular sources of “best times to post” content and creating a smart infographic.

Well the infographic is focused on US market, but is also interesting for European marketers because reveals some interesting points. Such us that Sunday afternoon is the ideal day to post on Facebook and on Twitter is Wednesday in the early morning or at the end of business day…


Viral Video Marketing: If Google Was a Guy!

85% of companies find success with a Viral Video Strategy

Getting your brand noticed on social media is being more and more difficult everyday, especially on Youtube. Every 60 seconds more than 100 hours of video are uploaded on it! Many video marketers focus on creating a professional image that, sadly, often results in boring and forgettable videos rather than helping to make the emotional connection that drives prospects to action. Emotion is one factor that drives sharing. We see lots of funny stuff go viral on YouTube!

The challenge in using humor is quite simply: you have to be funny. Humor works best when everyone understands the references. Videos like “If Google Was a Guy” saga, realized by College Humor, are the perfect examples of shared references and great sense of humor. Who doesn’t know Google?

Digital marketing online training certification

Google certification the digital garage

An useful way to improve your knowledge!

Do as I did. Discover Digital Garage from Google, a valuable online resurce to get the digital skills you need (SEO, SEM, SMM, Email Marketing and more).  Digital Garage offers free tutorials to help growing your business, your career or just your confidence.  You can learn from experts, get pratical tips and test what you’ve learned. What are you wating for? Improve your knowledge in digital marketing and get a certification.



7 tips to improve the performances of your Company page on LinkedIn

linkedin tips

LinkedIn company pages are an excellent way to communicate especially for business and, above all, an highly professional channel of content sharing. However, most companies still can not fully exploit the potential of a company profile on LinkedIn. For example, employees connected to the company page are an important resource, because, sharing content directly from the company page, extending the message to their network.

So, here 7 tips to make your page more attractive and strengthen existing relationships in your LinkedIn profile, translated from Veneto Formazione website.

1. Update your profile, constantly

Greater updates and contents means more chances of keeping your business visibility in the news feeds of your followers. I suggest you post at least 3 updates a week, depending on the size of your company and the availability of content related to your business. Once your network is used to your presence, it will be easier to stimulate their interaction. Attention! Find a balance, not being too oppressive and boring.

2. Share interesting content

You have to publish contents that interest your audience in everyday life, which are useful for their work or entertain them in some way. For example, if you have a company blog, find the right mix of content produced by you and those that you find in other blogs or specialized websites. You may use Feedly that allows you to quickly monitor different blog according to your interests.

3. Choose a catchy title

Every day we are bombarded by thousands of messages and we don’t stop to read everything. Then it becomes crucial to attract the attention of readers: the goal is to give them a reason to read the post. The first and most important solution is to choose a catchy title that encourages them to learn more. Consider also the target to which you are addressing.

4. Use a winning image

The image used in the post could be the triggers for the interaction. Usually you can load the same image that you used on the blog, to coordinate the communication, but you can also choose a different picture, that you think it works better on your LinkedIn’s audience.

5. Involve your employees

The company’s commitment should be to educate the employees to the proper use of social channel and encourage their participation on the marketing strategies and campaigns. Because, the internal resources amplify the voice of the company and enable new relationships. Moreover, even in the programming of content sharing, the employees may be an important source of new topics.

 6. Answer

Building a lasting relationship with your followers is your aim? Well, you must to provide, in the shortest time possible, all the answers to their direct questions.

7. Monitor the statistics

It’s always important to monitor the results of your activities on LinkedIn to see what works and what doesn’t. The Admin Analytics section for Company pages provides a lot of useful information.