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50 shades of… writing!

Forgive the unedifying (but certainly fitting) quote I used on the subtitle, but in my opinion copywriting is really an art made up of many facets, more complex and difficult than it might seem at first glance.

The tools are always the same, words, but their use and the rules you must consider, change depending on the medium and, above all, the target. Writing for the web is quite different than draft a text for a brochure or an advertising campaign. The traditional copywriting, used in catalogues, brochures and advertising, has very precise rules: you always must consider the number of characters available.

If this isn’t enough, remember that is necessary to adapt your style, tone and language to meet clients and, above all, targets needs. The copywriter’s work is made of patience, listening skills, work as a team, attention to details and “scissors”. One of the basic skills that a good copywriter needs is the ability to marry. Words and adjectives are rare and precious ingredients that you must measured and dosed.

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