Press Releases Service

Press Releases do really help your Business!

press release will help you and your business in many ways: it can announce an event, schedule, new products, campaign, news or workshop, show your perspective on the development, remind people of what your group does and how active in the community you are.

Relying on a specialist is essential to build and strengthen constructive relationships with journalists and media, following a specific and effective communication strategy. As a press officer I can spread your news in the press, radio, TV, online newspapers, etc, becoming the liaison between you and the world, the voice of your company.

Do you need a press release for your company or association? Would you like to find a quick and effective way to improve your image and create new business opportunities? Here I am. Due to the proven experience in journalism, I offer a fast and effective press officer service.

Press release service:

  • I take care to identify the best media channel for your business (radio, newspapers, magazines, website, ect)
  • Create and maintain the relationships with journalists
  • Prepare and send information about events, new products and news
  • Check the pubblication of press release on the media.

The goal is to consolidate the company’s image and reach a wider audience emphasizing the positive characteristics of companies or associations.