10 Studies about the best time to post on Social Media

A smart infographic gives some useful tips

The question has been for years at the center of the debate of those involved in Social Media Marketing and now the CoShedule‘s team has tried to find out an answer adding their research to 9 other popular sources of “best times to post” content and creating a smart infographic.

Well the infographic is focused on US market, but is also interesting for European marketers because reveals some interesting points. Such us that Sunday afternoon is the ideal day to post on Facebook and on Twitter is Wednesday in the early morning or at the end of business day…


Digital marketing online training certification

Google certification the digital garage

An useful way to improve your knowledge!

Do as I did. Discover Digital Garage from Google, a valuable online resurce to get the digital skills you need (SEO, SEM, SMM, Email Marketing and more).  Digital Garage offers free tutorials to help growing your business, your career or just your confidence.  You can learn from experts, get pratical tips and test what you’ve learned. What are you wating for? Improve your knowledge in digital marketing and get a certification.



40 Social Media Acronyms

Useful infographic for Community Manager

Every day you have to deal with lean and fast communications with clients, colleagues or co-workers. Often, to shorten the time, we use acronyms or abbreviations. Probably there are hundreds or more of social media acronyms, but I decide to share this concise and valuable infographic made by Steam Feed. focused on 40 of them.

social mediaacronyms

Tell me what you’re twittering and I’ll tell you who you are


Hashtag, followers and retweets: Italy is overwhelmed by microblogging’s fever

twitter hashtagThe relationship between Twitter and the Italian users is varying and conflicting: some people cannot live without it (e.g. our Prime Minister), others hate tweets and followers and refuse even to talk about it, those have an account but they didn’t change the default icons remaining in silent (there’s a creepy army of “eggs” with zero tweets out there!!), and finally those who don’t understand how it works and use the platform as a chat, ignoring the existence of #hashtag and followers… The only certain thing in this jungle is that Twitter, now, is an unavoidable reality in Italy and, willingly or unwillingly, we have to deal with the most popular microblogging platform in the world.

One thing is immediately obvious in this universe of tweeting, once you understand the mechanisms, you can hardly get out of it.

Why do I need a Twitter account?

Creating a Twitter account is important also for companies because they can leverage this platform to collect feedback, improve the brand awareness, interact with users and offer special services to their customers.

If you think that 140 characters available for a tweet are inadequate to do effective marketing actions, actualy this rigidity allows you to focus on the “core” of the message and be more incisive. And what about #hashtags? They are fundamental to create “trends” as well as to find which are the most popular topics at the moment and, using in your tweets, to attract potential followers/customers.

Are you still wondering why you need to sign up? The microblogging platform is growing (at the beginning of 2013 there was nearly 4 and a half million of Italian active users) and is appreciated by different types of users: not only young people, but also and above all, professionals with a high educational qualification. Looking at the foreign markets, these numbers are higher: Twitter, indded, averaged 288 million monthly active users in 2014.

So, you can use Twitter to interact with your favorite actor, singer or football player, you can follow the national policy affairs or use the platform to promote yourself as a writer or musician. In short, the are many reasons to be part of it and, in some way, each one is a mirror of the reality: a colorful and fascinating world that is waiting for you!

An opportunity you don’t want to miss!