Blog is more than a website!

professional writer and copywriterBlogging is an interactive form of publishing content on the web. But is not just writing. Blogging is more complex than that. It’s to share the right things with the right people, finding a niche of reference and speaking its language, touching the topics interesting for them to generate interactions, sharing spontaneous conversations and stimulating their passions.

Blog is very different from a website, because it is not static but a dynamic and constantly evolving and changing. The blogger must know how to write, interact on social, form relationships both online and offline, ect.

I offer the service of Web Copywriting and Content Management for corporate blogs or blog theme, planning the selection of topics, the content drafting and the on-line publication of the post just as an editorial staff. Don’t make the mistake of publishing duplicate or inadequate content, choose an expert Seo Copywriter and get maximum results!

Blogging service

  • Target and competitor analysis
  • Blog structure analysis
  • Topics selection
  • Content drafting
  • On-line publication and sharing
  • Comments monitoring and management.

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