Web Marketing Courses

Why do  I need a SEO & SMM training?

The goals of this courses are to explain the importance of visibility in Search Engines as well as in the Socials. They describe the indispensable tools, techniques and methodologies to reach the success of your campaign on the Internet. Would you like to learn the basis of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or SMM (Social Media Marketing)? This is, definitely, the page for you!

SEO training: groups or one-to-one courses

The SEO groups course is definitely helpful for those who is approaching for the first time the marketing activities on the Search Engines. We will start with the basis, until you get to touch more advanced topics. It’s perfect for startuppers, entrepreneurs, marketing manager or graduates seeking new job opportunities. The one-to-one programm is completely tailor-made – a detailed needs analysis allows you to specify your needs and objectives before the course starts.

The evolution of search engines and how they work, the importance of the first positions, the SEO factors, the selection of the keywords and the most useful SEO tools as well as the management of the internal links are just some of the topics you will deal with during my seo copywriting courses.

SMM courses: groups or one-to-one program

In this course will learn how to set up a strategy of Social Media Marketing and what channels you must use to implement it. You’ll discover what tools you need for your daily work, how to use them to improve the way you work and how to measure the results of your work. Is possible arrange also taylor-made and one-to-one courses with specific programs and subjects.

My Social Media Marketing Course will teach you how to choose the appropriate Social Network, create and manage profiles, enter into the dynamics of social networks: engagement, brand reputation and brand trust will be your bread and butter!

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