Google Spaces: new chat app for small group sharing

The new messaging app released by Google is it a Pinterest competitor or maybe the future of Google+?

google spaces chat appAfter the limited success recorded by Google+, the most famous Mountain View’s Company tries to adjust its offer following the new social trend and staking everything on a new chat app that can aggregate the users by creating groups of interest: we’re talking about Google Spaces, the new messaging app specifically designed to promote interaction between users around a specific interest focus.

It offers real “spaces” that each virtual user can create and in which post specific content related to a single topic. Google Spaces allows to upload and share photos, links, articles and news directly through the search engine located inside the app without leaving it and this is definitely a benefit for the user.

Still we don’t know what is the future of this new Google creation and we’re don’t really sure what Google wants it to be, but it’s certainly interesting… We’ll see!

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